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Templates for Busy Professionals is our exclusive library of business templates that feature professional designs plus step-by-step guidance from our PhD-level writing experts. From reports to resumes, our business templates empower you to write and design deliverables that make big impacts.

Capture the attention of decision-makers by adding your company's capabilities, past performance, NAICS codes, and certifications to our professionally-designed Word templates.

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How to Write a Capability Statement
Capability Statement Templates

Build your credibility and showcase your experience with our CV Templates for Microsoft Word.

We offer CV template packs for professionals in the Medical field as well as the Sciences and the Humanities—featuring unique designs plus clear guidance on the most important information to feature in your discipline.

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How to Write a CV
Curriculum Vitae CV Templates

Share your solutions and inspire action with our Recommendation Report template packs. Get all the organizational and design elements you need to bring your ideas and recommendations to life.

Each template instructs and prompts you, at the paragraph level, to write an impactful recommendation report for your key stakeholders. Combine that with sleek professional designs, and you're ready to get everyone inspired and on the same page.

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How to Write a Recommendation Report

Impress employers and give yourself your best chance of landing that job.

In a highly competitive professional world, your resume must impress employers. This is your one shot to show all that you're capable of professionally.

Our professionally designed resume templates let you simply add your skills, experience, education, and other key information.

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Resume Templates

A Startup One-Pager, sometimes called a one-page investor strategy or one-page business plan, concisely communicates a startup’s unique value proposition.

It's essential that your one-pager clearly describes your startup's solution, how it will be positioned in the marketplace, and how you will use the funds you're seeking.

Create a Startup One-Pager that gets investors to say "yes" with our professionally designed templates that guide you section-by-section.

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How to Write a Startup One-Pager
Resume Templates

Engage key stakeholders and inspire action. Help inform policy decisions. Establish your reputation as a thought leader. Sell a product.

Our professionally designed templates offer instruction throughout each section to help you make important writing decisions as you write.

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How to Write a White Paper

We're creating more templates all the time. Reach out to us at to request a template that will make your professional life easier!