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Case Study: #HamiltonProud Campaign

How can the insights of organizational storytelling and content marketing be applied to education? As a school district that offers a wide range of education programs and support to meet the individual needs of the students within, Hamilton City Schools has a lot to share. Untold Content was invited to engage Hamilton community members in the incredible stories of Hamilton Schools’ students, past and present. Our team of writers, in collaboration with videographers, uncovered the life-changing impacts Hamilton City Schools has had on teachers, students and families by encouraging them to share why they are #HamiltonProud. The result was a year-long social media campaign and a microsite on the school district’s website featuring five stories of teachers and students:www.HamiltonProud.org.

Immerse yourself in their stories and watch the first of five videos we scripted and co-produced in collaboration withBarking Squirrel Media:


  • Promote a positive, inclusive, inspiring school culture by encouraging Hamilton City Schools (HCS) teachers, students and families to share stories about their experiences at Hamilton
  • Encourage a tradition of excellence by recruiting top teachers, garnering collaborations with local businesses, and encouraging families to send their children to HCS
  • Generate regional awareness of #HamiltonProud by collecting, writing and circulating video stories that positively portray the experiences of students, faculty and alumni to local and regional audiences


The #HamiltonProud Video Stories Campaign emerged as a way to engage the Hamilton,Ohio community in the stories and successes of their public school district. We began by conducting interviews with current students and teachers as well as alumni. Scripts and storyboards depicted themes of connection, strong student-teacher relationships, and work ethic draw from these interviews. After producing the video stories, we wrote the content featured onwww.HamiltonProud.organd designed a social media campaign to promote regional engagement and story-sharing, encouraging the wider community to join in the celebration of Hamilton City Schools. As lead writers and storytellers for this effort, we:

  • Developed storyboards and scripts for five videos featuring Hamilton City Schools alumni and current students.
  • Crafted the #HamiltonProud social media campaign to deliver video stories to the Hamilton business, residential, and school community.
  • Created content for the #HamiltonProud Campaign microsite, or www.hamiltonproud.org, including copy for each of the five videos, which per our design rolled out on a weekly basis over the course of five weeks.
  • Wrote 30 social media posts delivered over the 35 day #HamiltonProud campaign, achieving over 20,000 video views over 5 weeks!
  • Hosted a workshop for HCS broadcast students on interviewing + storytelling.

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