We support your scientific and medical writing endeavors, from the literature review and research phase through to publication and presentation. Our research writing services propel your thought leadership and public impact.


  • Peer-Reviewed Publications

    We work with you and your subject matter experts to craft the narrative around your organization’s research and innovations. We perform literature reviews to contextualize your research, write compelling abstracts, compile data and results, tell the story, design publication-ready visuals, and strategize publication venues.

  • Literature Reviews

    Our comprehensive literature review services help you find research-backed answers to your questions. We scour scholarly databases to find and review systematic reviews, meta-analyses, research articles, and grey literature on a particular topic. We compile and organize the results in a matrix grid for easy comprehension and decision-making.

  • Annual Reports

    We support our government and industry clients in writing annual reports that assess their department, organization, or agency’s performance and activities in the preceding year. We highlight achievements and milestones, and help you demonstrate how your work aligned with larger organizational goals.

  • Case Studies

    We create compelling case studies that provide in-depth examination of an innovation, product, project, or initiative. We contextualize the subject, design compelling visuals to support the story, and report outcomes. Case studies can be a powerful marketing tool, especially when the subject matter is technical in nature.

  • Information Visualization

    Humans understand things better when they are reinforced through visuals. We bring your story to visual life by designing professional graphics and infographics. Well-concepted marketing materials such as brochures and inforgraphics communicate value proposition or complex information in an accessible way that informs, engages, and activates.

  • Qualitative Research

    We give voice to the human element through the design and support of focus groups and clinical trial studies. To gather data, we conduct interviews, perform observations, and create and circulate surveys. We bring qualitative data to life through qualitative coding and data analysis.

  • Publication Strategy

    Not all publication venues are created value. We help you determine the best way to circulate your content based on factors like subject matter, tone, and your goals. We research and discern the appropriate journal, news outlet, or media platform for your goals.


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