Untold Content Capability Statement

Untold Content is a WOSB and HUBZone certified technical writing firm that specializing in professional writing services and training for public sector and private sector clients.

HUBZone Technical Writing Firm and WOSB Technical Writing Firm

Untold Content WOSB HUB Zone Technical Writing Firm Capability Statement

Untold Content provides editorial services, research writing, and document design services to government agencies, prime government vendors, and industry organizations. Our robust team of writing consultants all have MA and PhD degrees in Rhetoric and Writing with specialized expertise in professional communication, policy writing, qualitative research and literature reviews, document design, technical composition, stylistic formatting, and editorial collaboration. We work with Subject Matter Experts and agency leaders to present information and insights in ways that are clear and compelling.

All of our consultants are MA and PhD-level writers with specialized expertise in content marketing, organizational storytelling, research writing, medical writing, and scientific writing.

We impact the world through words.

Together, we have written, edited, and designed over 150 research reports, research studies, and policy documents for corporate, nonprofit, university and federal government clients. Our government publications have supported multiple national public offices and initiatives, including the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Evaluation Brief Launch, the VA’s MyVA Access initiative, VHA National Homeless Programs office, the Surgical Flow Improvement Initiative, Construction and Facilities Management Design Guides revamp, the National Women’s Health Program publications, and the Department of Labor’s policy-based training curriculum.

我们的特色是与主题擅长合作ts (SMEs) to translate their insights through clear, concise, logical writing. We partner with you to achieve accurate, clear, and compelling deliverables. Our diverse experience prepares us to effectively glean the stylistic expectations of your organization and participate as robust writing partners.

We are former professors.

As former university professors with a collective 25+ years of teaching experience, we understand the importance of collaboration and revision. Using a pilot/co-pilot approach, we ensure that every deliverable is reviewed by at least two of our graduate-level writers for significance, accuracy, thoroughness, grammar, style, clarity, and meaning. It is our joy to produce research findings that are understandable to a wide range of readers, and therefore have experience implementing best practices like federal plain language guidelines, 508 compliance checklists, and discipline-specific style guides.

We ensure accessibility.

We consistently produce technical documents that are understandable to a wide range of readers, with over a decade of experience meeting federal plain language guidelines, 508 compliance checklists, and government and academic style guide requirements. As more reports are read online, accessibility is more important than ever. We are PhD-level professional writers with training in inclusive language, accessible document design, and content optimization for both web and print deliverables.

Let’s talk more.

Schedule a discovery call or capabilities conversation with our team athttps://calendly.com/untoldcontent. We look forward to meeting you.